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So we had XY almost a year ago, starting the 6th generation as expected, moving us to the 3ds-era that was way overdue.

But now we're already waiting for the remakes of RS, without the secrets of XY being thoroughly explored.'s happened before in gen 3, that we saw remakes before returning to the current regions conclusion (RS - FRLG - E). In gen 4 they went the other way, releasing DP, then their follow-up Pt, and then remakes HGSS before the wait for gen 5.
My guess is that they changed it to this back then because they realized the third version would be too bland and identical to the originals to sell well after that much time, but mostly also because the third version could be done much faster, whereas the remakes probably were still far from finished when Pt came out.
So why change it up again?
Two reasons:
-better planning ahead
As with gen 5, gamefreak is still working in 2 teams each on their own project, one team having tackled XY, while the other already went onto working on the remakes (notice how Masuda asigned Shigeru Ohmori as the director for ORAS). That ensures the main team could go straight to focusing on the "conclusion". Meaning they are working on Z/X2Y2 already.
-the follow-up Kalos-game will likely be a sequel instead of a generic third version, with a completely new story, different path through Kalos, more areas, etc. you get the idea (we've all seen them experiment with this in gen 5, with the result having been BW2 instead of a slightly improved Grey) and therefore will likely sell better as a "new return to Kalos" now that there are ORAS in between to distract from that region a bit with good old nostalgia.

But will it be a single game or two again? I mean there is Zygarde obviously, and unlike Kyurems case, these legends have names starting with the letter of the version, so Z would make way too much sense for them to jsut go X2Y2 on us this time.

We know one secret about Zygarde due to hackers though. It's 2 secret signature moves.
Zygarde has one signature move already: Land's Wrath (although it has to be relearned with the move-relearner. sneaky gamefreak ;D)
It's a 100%accuracy, 90 base power physical Ground move which hits all opponents (a weaker Earthquake that doesn't hit allies basically)
The secret moves however, are... pretty much identical to Land's Wrath (90 power physical ground moves, 10 PP and 100%), only differing in that they have an additional effect on top and different names:
-Thousand Arrows has the additional effect of hitting airborne opponents
-Thousand Waves has the additional effect of trapping opponents on the field.

"How can you be sure these are moves for Zygarde?"
Well, apart from them technically being clones of it's first signature move, if you search videos for their animations, you can see clearly that they involve GREEN HEXAGONS flying across the screen.

The fact that they are clones of Land's Wrath is another interesting clue. Because it means that these moves replace Land's Wrath instead of Zygarde learning them separately.
In other words, Land's Wrath is a placeholder move that changes when Zygarde changes.
We've seen this before, with Kyurems Glaciate. If you change KYurems forme, Glaciate is replaced by Ice Burn/Freeze Shock depending on forme.

Also, I think the fact that Arrows hit airborne pokemon is a hint that the move is meant as a counter to Yveltal which is otherwise immune to Zygardes signature moves. And with Xerneas having a ground-association (Geomancy), Waves trapping grounded-pokemon makes sense.

So Zygarde will fight either Xerneas or Yveltal, while changed into 1 of 2 respective forme or pseudo-evolution (mega, primal, other) or whatever.

In regards to the version name, the solution I can come up with is calling the version XZ and YZ.

Anyhow... this is all still far away. The current topic in everyones mind is the remakes.

There has been some speculations past months in regard to how unchanged or improved these remakes will be.
I think so far it's very clear that gamefreak went for the easiest route:
Staying true to RS story-wise (despite that story being intentionally one incomplete side), pretending Emeralds story doesn't exist, while adding and expanding relevant features of the current generation that ultimately cannot be excluded anyway (hordes, megas etc).
We've seen some dex numbers which confirm that the Hoenndex stays very small (~210) despite of XY employing a massive 3 part 450-dex, with only having a few evolutions added so the pokemon-lines in the Hoenndex are fully updated (7 evolutions and 2 babies).

All of this is kind of disappointing to me, and it will feel like unfinished business without Emerald (unlike in HGSS, as crystal wasn't anywhere near drastically different while being easy to incorporate into HGSS)...

The only thing missing now is if there was only the Battle Tower.
Battle Frontier is huge, and was the main reason to even buy Emerald for many in the first place, so apart from new megas (which will stay in for future games anyway), hoenn in 3ds graphics (which isn't as amazing as if they were approaching each area from scratch rather than copying the same layouts and everything down to rock placement in many cases..), the battle frontier is a big reason I want ORAS (but hey, even this is likely to show up in the Kalos follow-up just like the BF pasted from Platinum into HGSS LOL).

And there is the obvious question: What about a Primal Rayquaza??
It clearly would deserve it's own pseudo-evolution, but how would it be featured? Just put into the without a plot? Meh.

So lets think about the intruiging possibility that everyone is in denial about as soon as it's mentioned:
Emerald remake.
Yeah I know, but hey, we're just speculating.
First question would be "What greek letter?"
Answer is just as obvious: Delta.
Not just are triangles easy to incorporate into Primal Rayquazas design, but Delta, just like Alpha and Omega (beginning and end) has an important meaning: change.
Change as a theme would be completely relevant to an Emerald remakes (and gamefreak might be going lazy on ORAS just so they can go crazy with adjustments and changes in DE??)
What I'm saying is, the Delta Emerald could be a third-version/sequel hybrid to ORAS instead of being itself a simple remake of Emerald!

But how would that work with the release dates?
4 sets of agmes in one generation. But if they keep up with 1 release per year, that actually isn't a lot and sounds realistic.

Random side-thought: it would make sense not to give us a Mega Milotic until DE, as Wallace replaces Steven as the champion. (inb4 shiny Feebas with Miloticite at DE release :P)

But alright alright, this is likely just hype that will turn into disappointment when gamefreak does NOTHING about the emerald-issue with ORAS.

Third part of this topic:

A mysterious new Pokemon game is about to be announced in the next few days! (26th August)

And they make it seem like a huge and important announcement, with all kinds of executives and directors of the pokemon company going to be announcing it in a special stream.

It's safe to assume this is not a main-game by gamefreak, as they have their hands full with everything I've just wrote above.
So what could it be?

Pretty much everyones guess is "something for the WiiU", and its likely even that rumored Pokken game (a smash bros. like fighting game featuring exclusively pokemon).

Or could it be something more interesting?
I doubt it's just a random gimmicky spin-off...if they're hyping it this much (I mean the remakes were announced with an out of the blue facebook post for crying out loud), it must have at least some relation to the main games, right?

I hope it's something no one is expecting (...but also somehow hoping it turns out to be 3DS related, as I don't want to have to get a WiiU XD)
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