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Sugimori art by primary type - gen VI by Saiph-Charon
Sugimori art by primary type - gen VI
Sugimori art of each Pokémon is owned by Pokémon/Gamefreak/Nintendo.

I merely took 120p versions of them and rearranged them by:
-complete current evolutionary line (position of family within group determined by first known members), including Mega evolutions
-primary type (..Geodude is Rock/Ground, therefore belongs to Rock, while Rhyhorn is Ground/Rock, hence in Ground)

It took me 2 days to copy/paste it all together and to calculate and figure out how to arrange each group so they fit together into the big picture nicely (even trying to make the types orders feel natural next to each other). It was a big messy puzzle XD, but I'm satisfied with how it turned out now.

There were 5 trouble makers (that change primary type upon evolution) which I solved as follows:
-Eevee: the only logical thing to do here was throwing the complete family in Normal
-Swablu: final stage decided (not tough decision since Normal is like a default type anyway)
-Azurill: it being the odd baby, it was easy to just stick with the parents type
-Steelix: most problematic, since Onix is perfectly a Rock type, and one option here was to put them into Ground, since Onix/Steelix share this secondary type, but this went against the #1 rule of primary type, so I chose Steelix' type.
-Fletchling: 2 of the 3 stages, including the final one, are Fire, the first one is merely "Normal", straightforward choice for the line: Fire.

But why?

For me as a fakemon artist, I feel it is crucial to have this picture in my head.

Its great to look at it, seeing each type evolve through the generations etc.

One of the main points to making this is to get a better feel for what type lacks "generic" Pokémon the most or the least etc.

For example, until recent generations, most Ice types were just other typed Pokémon with Ice as their extra type, which is probably why the last 4 lines have all been pure Ice types.

Its also easy to see what type lacks what kind of evolutionary families, like Poison, who is mostly made up of generic 2 stage lines,
as is Dark (having had no 3 stage lines until Hydreigon), but at least it's more exotic now with a few Megas in the mix.

I think Gamefreak actually is slowly gaining on balance.

The most obvious remaining oddity right now is still the Flying type. Will we see a handful of generic primary Flying types next gen or will it stay like this?

It's cool to see that Fairy isn't that much behind even though it was just introduced!

-Volcanion in Fire (not even revealed yet)

I went and added colored backgrounds to each pokemon according to their secondary type!

EDIT 15.1. Added:
-21 ORAS Mega evolutions/Primal forms

Still missing now - waiting for sugimori art/reveal:
-Hoopas Dark forme
-Volcanion (Fire group)
-all Megas/forms introduced in XY sequels
-inevitable Zygarde forms for XY sequels
Fav type circle - template by Saiph-Charon
Fav type circle - template
Feel free to use.

Just copy/paste the gen6 inagme pokemon from veekun/serebii/wherever on their spots.

My personal suggestion to prevent duplicates:
Consider them by PRIMARY TYPE

So Rhyperior is only an option for Ground (because it's Ground/Rock), but Golem only for Rock (because it's Rock/Ground) for example.
This is to avoid a bias towards dual types to get several fav pokemon from the same type on the list, which is unfair to single typed pokemon (for example usually people get all their dragons on the list by putting garchomp as ground, salamence as flying and yet another as Dragon or such. lol)

But also then for Flying (since there is only Tornadus and Noivern still), one should include the abundant combination of Normal/Flying (but obviously exclude those for Normal)

Just in case there is confusion as to which spot is which type (clockwise):
-inner square=Ice, Electric, Water, Fire
-middle hexagon=Flying, Psychic, Poison, Ground, Fighting, Dark
-outer octagon=Dragon, Fairy, Grass, Bug, Normal, Rock, Steel, Ghost
Favourites by type by Saiph-Charon
Favourites by type
Revision of my favourite pokemon of each type pic.

Its not as straight-forward as it sounds.
To prevent duplicates, I considered them by primary type,
Which is why Drapion is only viable in Poison, Weavile only in Dark etc (whereas usually people abuse dual types to get several fav pokemon from the same type on the list, which is unfair to single typed pokemon)

Also, still for Flying (since there is only Tornadus and Noivern), I considered the abundant combination of Normal/Flying (and then obvously exclude those for Normal)

template: Fav type circle - template

the pokemon models belong to nintendo, no harm intended.

Journal History

Would people be interested?

example: Yfror Map by Saiph-Charon

have its shape based on whatever landmass and choose how many towns, and what percentage is snow/desert/greens etc.
I'd show the result at several steps and adjust if it was necessary and not too complicated
-potential adjustment of landmass
-town locations-routes-places
-potential correction of palces/connections
-potential adjustment of its final look

How much would you be willing to pay for one?
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