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QUESTION: are clear dinosaur-based designs okay for non-fossil pokemon and starter in particular?

I've come up with something for the fire starter now (finalized design for final stage by now)
It's going to be a triceratops with freakin flamethrowers! (that escalated quickly)

However, the question arose of whether making a starter that is clearly designed to look like a specific kind of dinosaur would make fossil-pokemon less relevant, since that is where all the PROPER dinosaur pokemon are coming from (Aerodactyl, Rampardos, Bastiodon, Tyrantrum, Aurorus)

The answer seems to be that it doesn't matter, as there have always been regular non-fossil pokemon based on dinosaurs.
There is Meganium (it's even a starter, but it's  a bit vague and unspecific), Lapras (also loch ness monster inspired), Rhyhorn and Aggron (already triceratops inspired, but both secondary Rock types), Tyranitar (though Godzilla is probably the main idea here, and also Rock type), Tropius (yep), Torterra (tortoise with some ankylosaurus features).. am I missing any?

I guess Mamoswine is also notewrothy here, as it's something you would expect them saving for a fossil pokemon (mammoth), but then again it has a very specific evolution method (knowing Ancientpower).

But either way... I'm sticking to it at this point.

Currently trying to get the look of the Grass starter right.
It's going to be a bipedal bighorn sheep.
I know there has been Gogoat in XY and Whimsicott in BW, but I think it's still original enough (it's as much a goat as Blaziken is a chicken).
It fits the best. With the other starters being slower, this one can be the fast one, and a physical attacker too (since the eel is a big special attacker and triceratops a defesive fortress).
And the group is very diverse I think: a sheep, a dinosaur and an eel.

Although Grass ends up bipedal and the eel without limbs, the thing bothering me about them as a group is that all 3 are quadruped in their first stages (unless I figure out how to keep the grass starter bipedal throughout the whole line lol).


UPDATE: starter progress

I usually try to design all starters simultaneously, in hopes that it would make them feel more balanced, diverse and belonging together.

But the situation is complete opposite now. While I still cannot decide what to do with Grass or Fire, I've essentially finalized the design for the Water starter by now. Even though I've only started making eel-like sketches to see if I could even make it look any good at all (I didn't plan to actually use that as the starting concept), I just couldn't stop trying to make it look more legit over the past days LOL.

So yeah, Water starter is set now (I won't start going at it digitally until Im satisfied with the other 2 starters though), it's basically a derpy eel that gains long whiskers and turns into an intimidating more serpent-like appearance.
I am even considering making it secondary Electric (BLASPHEMYYY!), although I'll try not to make the colors show it, it's the WATER starter after all. That's the problem I have with Electric for starter-types.. its easy to overdo and steal the show, instead of being something subtle and complementary like a Fighting, Flying etc.
But simply from the fact that I figured it would fit AFTER I came up with a design I like, it actually feels like the right thing to do in this case. I mean, it's similar to whether Charizard should gain Flying after it grows wings xD

Now what the heck do I do with Grass and Fire? c_c
I planned a bipedal goat for Fire, but I don't like my sketches of that at all so far.
And still insisting on non-reptile for Grass, which is actually a lot of possibilities o_o


I haven't finished a single fakemon in pretty much exactly a year now.. so it's time to fix that.
Just yesterday I decided to create a new region based on Iceland, after seeing it in a dream. So that's where I'll go with this.

The main theme will be borrowed from the previous project (light and darkness), as will the main legendaries, which I do intend to give an upgrade at some point (Yumra will become a Ghost type, partially due to Yveltal being a thing now, and because I feel Dark doesn't have as strong a relation to shadows as Ghost does - Akalibur will likely turn into an Electric type, as that fits auroras better and makes more sense for it to produce light rather than merely to reflect it..). Will probably try hard to come up with a fitting third main legend at some point too.

I'm contemplating ideas for a new set of starters (I won't reuse/redesign my other 2 sets this time).

The Grass starter could be anything, especially now that Chespin reassures me that I don't have to limit my options to reptiles&co. (which I was stretching last time by going the dino-bird way), so I'll probably go for some kind of mammal this round.

I have a bipedal goat-like creature in mind for the Fire starter at the moment, but will change if I can't come up with a sketch I'm satisfied with. Fire has the broadest possibilities IMO. It will be fast and atheltic, so at least either of the other 2 starters should be somewhat bulky.

Water is the tough one. All 6 official water starter have been animals that live both in water and on land. Any kind of exclusively aquatic creatures are a no, so none of that walking dolphin crap either. Same for the opposite (ala a plain deer with Water type slapped on it and mythological justifications). But what's even left then? I thought salamander,but that comes too close to Swampert.. perhaps a snake?

As far as secondary types go (though I don't like to have these in mind ahead of time.. they should naturally follow the designs, not lead them.), none of them will end up Flying (birds are still an option though, Torchic/Piplup style), and none of the IMO inappropriate types (Bug, Ghost, Dragon, Fairy, Electric, Ice, Normal), so that leaves Poison/Ground/Fighting/Psychic/Rock/Dark/Steel. I don't want to go overboard (as many fakemon artists do every single time) by giving all starters fancy secondary types that distract from their main type.

Any thoughts? Ideas? Questions?
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